Inhouse work for ViCentra (2014 - 2017)

Kaleido is insulin pump therapy designed to help people live life on their own terms, by offering choice, discretion and a simple-to-use family of products that feels less medical and more personal. The Kaleido pumps come in 10 vibrant colours, and its small size and sleek design gives the flexibility to either wear it discretely under clothes or to show it off and match it with your outfit.

I designed the interface of the Kaleido handset, Kaleido Guidebooks (instruction manuals) in English and Dutch and a range of graphic materials such as postcards, business cards, magazines, brochures, pop-up stands and infographics. Kaleido was prelaunched and exhibited at the EASD fairs in Stockholm 2015 and Munich 2016, where I also created the product layout for the central table display, wall graphics, t-shirts and mailbox at the Kaleido stand.


Creative direction by Amy Oakes
Kaleido brand identity and iconography designed by Nalla
EASD stand designed by Wit Design
Kaleido is manufactured by ViCentra B.V. in Utrecht, Netherlands