Client: Svensk Form

Deadline is part of Svensk Form and Postkodlotteriets project aiming to broaden the recruitment for Swedish design schools.
It is known that the students at many design schools today are the second or even the third generation attending a design school.
Deadline is a concept for a documentary tv/web program that follow various design professionals such as architects, fashion designers,
illustrators, art directors etc. in their daily lives. We want to inform people about the design profession, inspire to creative work and include everyone.

We have produced a trailer episode about a female student applying for a design school. To promote the program,
we have made an advertisement which will be the cover of the Gymnasiekalendern, which is a calendar given out to all
high school students in Sweden. The advertisement leads to a web page where you can view the full program and get information
about design (work fields, design schools etc.) and inspiration via tutorials, blogs and articles.

Deadline was presented at a workshop at Design D (Design Day) at Fotografiska in Stockholm, and exhibited during Swedish Design Awards 2012.  

By Anna Lindner, Elin Kurtsdotter, Elin Ewald, Victor Nilsson and Wilhelm Ewe
Graphic Design, K3, Malmö university